Tomer Zuker
3 min readJan 8, 2023

Entrepreneurs? – Get 5 LinkedIn content ideas that will contribute to your growth in 2023 🚀

Over the past few years, I have had the privilege of delivering mentoring for entrepreneurs of early stage start-ups.

One of the issues that came up again and again was the gap between the recognition of the importance of marketing in the early stages of the venture and the limitations of resources and knowledge in marketing of the entrepreneurs.

Since I couldn’t close the funding gaps 😏… I focused on professional guidance on organic marketing, i.e. ways to create demand without marketing budgets. One of the most effective ways is to promote your project’s goals through LinkedIn.

Why do entrepreneurs have to be active on LinkedIn? 🤔

In short, LinkedIn is one of the best personal and professional branding channels for entrepreneurs. Effective activation on the platform will enable entrepreneurs to reach their target audiences (investors, design partners, potential customers and talents) while raising awareness of the venture itself. One of the methods for creating or increasing awareness is through content.

Here are 5 content category ideas for entrepreneurs who will work great in 2023:

  1. Market trends and forecasts – Although the prophecy was given to the fools, analyzing market conditions is an important tool for making decisions. Share content with your target audiences that includes data, insights and up-to-date recommendations on the industry in which you operate. It is recommended to include both objective information of research companies and your professional angle.
  2. Personal stories – Personally I don’t relate to LinkedIn’s "Facebookization", but writing about a professional topic from a personal perspective can create an emotional connection between you and your target audience: emphatics, hope, excitement, pride, curiosity and more. Such a connection is essential for the development of professional relationships.
  3. Talk about your product – it’s a bit tricky… You really don’t want to create a salesy content and on the other hand don’t dive into the wide of your product (unless you’re addressing a distinctly technological audience). In most cases, the result will be boring and will alienate the target audience from you. I recommend creating content that connects your product to the needs of your target audience: talk to investors about market potential; Talk about the product’s benefits with customers; Talk about the professional challenge and organizational culture with talent.
  4. Professional knowledge – this is my favorite category of content. Many LinkedIn users spend their time on the platform to acquire tools, learn from others, and enrich themselves with knowledge. Share your expertise with your followers and establish yourself as an opinion leader. Hence, the way to achieve the goals of your venture will be shorter.
  5. Inspiration – There is a lot of talk about storytelling and for good reason. People love stories and it’s a great way to convey messages. One of the classic narratives is the story of a hero who faces and overcomes a challenge. As an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to tell the story of your venture and/or your personal story as an entrepreneur: how did the idea for your startup come about, what captured the heart of the first investor? What obstacles did you overcome in the development of the beta version?

I’ve shared 5 ideas for posts or articles on LinkedIn that you can start 2023 with, but in fact, the list of topics is endless.

Great stories are all around us all the time, you just have to look in the right direction…

Tomer Zuker

Marketing manager for global technology corporations, marketing mentor for early stage startups, public speaker for Marketing, Social selling, Partnership.