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3 min readJan 14, 2023


How can #ChatGPT help LinkedIn users? 🤔

Many have already heard of ChatGPT, may have experienced the technology and even implement it but for the benefit of those who are not yet familiar, a brief introduction:

ChatGPT technology was created by OpenAI and is actually a chatbot, meaning a bot that you can "chat" with, but unlike most bots, ChatGPT has an extraordinary ability to create an interactive conversation that feels human.

The variety of scenarios for using ChatGPT is endless and depends, among other things, on how the user’s guidelines are formulated: content creation, coding, planning itineraries, helping solve mathematical problems, preparing presentations, learning English, writing stories and more …

One of the relatively simple use cases is using ChatGPT to write or enhance our LinkedIn profile.

Here are 5 ways chatGPT can help LinkedIn users but please pay attention to my warning at the bottom of the post…:

  1. Creating text for the “About” section of the profile based on pre-defined content or a free writing of the user. Leveraging an existing cover letter can save you time – copy it and create a prompt that will use it as the basis for the “About” section
  2. Write or rewrite your job descriptions for the “Experience” section on your LinkedIn’s profile, including industry standards success metrics for each of your roles.
  3. Mapping keywords tailored to the professional experience and job requirements of your target positions. Embedding the keywords in the profile will increase the visibility and ranking of your profile on search engines.
  4. Writing posts and articles on professional topics that are in line with your professional experience and career path.
  5. Identify relevant and essential skills for each of the roles you have performed in the past or plan to perform in the future in order to refresh the “Skills” section on your profile.

And now a warning which is highly recommended to read carefully:

There is no doubt that ChatGPT is a powerful and revolutionary tool. We are only at the beginning of the AI revolution and it is hard to estimate the exponential pace of technological progress.

At the same time, it is important to be aware of the limitations that exist and to exercise caution when using ChatGPT for LinkedIn activity:

  1. The content produced by the tool is usually generic so precisions and refinements are required to increase its quality level. It’s an excellent base on which you can "inject" your unique personality, style and flavour.
  2. The tool is based on datasets that are updated for 2021 and does not provide answers based on real-time information. Keep this in mind if you’re creating content or mapping keywords.
  3. Some of the information generated by ChatGDP is inaccurate. It can be written in a very convincing way to the human eye but it’s just not true. Always perform a second and third test. You don’t want to compromise your professional branding due to full reliance on a diligent bot, however sophisticated it may be.
  4. Remember that LinkedIn is first and foremost a social network. Our profile is a basic condition for effective activity on the platform, but it is not a substitute for interpersonal interaction.
  5. Automation and the use of bots to generate automated responses are still prohibited by LinkedIn policy. Using ChatGPT to generate automated responses similar to human responses can put your account at risk.

Bottom Line:

I highly recommend experimenting with ChatGPT and understanding the benefits but also the limitations of the tool. ChatGPT is not a substitute for common sense, sensitivity to nuances and human experience but nevertheless through smart use, it can help us save valuable time, reduce mistakes and polish our professional visibility.



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