I want to take us on a trip in the near future.

Tomer Zuker
2 min readJan 18, 2023


How close?

Much closer than one can imagine 🤔

New #AI-based applications are created every day. Hourly.

The more sophisticated and precise they become, the more we depend on them.

They surround us and assimilate naturally into our environment. Transparent but present.

Someone needs to know how to operate them and derive applied value from them.

A new profession is born. I call it “Prompts Composer”.

This is the skill that will allow us to communicate with the machine. Maybe in typing, maybe in speech, maybe in thoughts.

To compose prompts for AI tool we will need to acquire and perfect our skills:

  1. Writing skills – the ability to formulate and create clear and concise instructions that guide the AI tools. In order to get accurate answers, you need to know how to ask precise questions.
  2. Technical understanding – composers will not have to be technological but they should have a good understanding of how the AI tools work, what the different types of instruments are available, what are the advantages and limitations of each instrument and how to orchestrate between them.
  3. Creativity – the ability to think outside the box and create unique and original guidelines that will help us and other users communicate with the AI tools and stretch them to the edge. No substitute has yet been found for the human imagination.
  4. Attention to details – A keen eye for detail will be more important than ever to ensure that every instruction is accurate, consistent, and error-free.
  5. Collaboration – Our current user experience with AI tools is personal. It’s just me and my bot. But why shouldn’t we leverage one of our significant abilities as a human species?… The ability to work collaboratively and effectively alongside developers, creatives, designers, and product experts to create effective guidelines that meet users’ needs will be a true power multiplier.
  6. Flexibility – Prompts Composers will need to be flexible in thinking and adaptable to new technologies and changing demands as the field of AI continues to evolve. Human evolution will not be able to lag (much) behind technological evolution.
  7. Communication skills – The ability to explain technical concepts or business requirements in an easy-to-understand way will become a critical component of composers’ productivity, along with the ability to communicate and work with a variety of stakeholders, including users, developers and decision makers.

We have returned from our short trip in the future to our complex and evolving reality. Similar to essential skills that have served us faithfully in the past, an arsenal of new skills will develop that will allow us to live with and alongside machines.

By the way, you are welcome to visit the Skills section of my LinkedIn profile… I’m ready and what about you? 😏



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