Why did Amazon warn its employees not to use ChatGPT? 🤔

Tomer Zuker
2 min readJan 28, 2023

If anyone’s still napping in their cozy warm bed, good morning! This is a wake-up call! 😏

It is evident that ChatGPT has been a disruptive force for a wide range of industries, including the high-tech and technology sectors, and there have even been reports in recent publications that Amazon has also begun to feel the bite of ChatGPT’s disruption…

According to an article published on the Insider website, in an internal email sent by the legal department to employees, urging them not to share code with ChatGPT, or to put it more precisely, an internal directive was sent to employees advising them not to share any “confidential Amazon information” with ChatGPT.


This directive was issued after Amazon noticed that what was being communicated through ChatGPT was eerily similar to insider information. By sharing snippets of code with the bot, it was trained and learned (that’s how Machine Learning works…), and the answers the bot provided were remarkably similar to those provided by Amazon.

Amazon is probably right.

In a similar story, ChatGPT impressively answered a series of questions in a job interview for a development position at Amazon, and even improved some of their code….

So how will this disrupt job interviews or more importantly, the nature of the development and coding work be affected?

There’s a good chance we’ll get some answers in 2023…



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