Why does navigating LinkedIn feel like a balancing act on a tightrope?

Tomer Zuker
2 min readJun 10, 2023


The recent surge of posts on LinkedIn discussing social, political, and personal topics – some deeply personal – demonstrates the platform’s increasing versatility. The rationale behind this trend is straightforward:

Personal content fosters an emotional bond between users and their followers, sparking engagement with their content. This engagement amplifies the content’s visibility, potentially attracting a wider audience and creating opportunities. These opportunities can lead to benefits like increased revenue, job prospects, promotions, and so on.

However, there’s a caveat…

LinkedIn is akin to tightrope walking – an art of maintaining a nuanced balance between authenticity and professionalism. Imagine it as a high-wire act under the big top, except here, the tent is the world’s largest professional networking platform.

While it’s essential for your content to reflect your unique personality, it must be done with the awareness that LinkedIn is a professional forum. Authenticity in your posts shouldn’t compromise your privacy or lead to overexposure, and maintaining professionalism shouldn’t suppress your voice.

LinkedIn’s dynamic nature can be perplexing.

Like other social networks, LinkedIn can lure you into revealing more to garner likes, comments, and positive reactions. The temptation of a dopamine hit from online validation might seem appealing but can potentially be risky.

Envision LinkedIn as a cocktail party at a professional conference. You’re there to build connections, exchange ideas, engage in insightful discussions, and initiate potential collaborations. You’re likely to be more reserved than you would be at a casual social gathering, as you never know who’s observing from the periphery.

Here are three pragmatic tips to strike the right balance:

  1. Regularly Monitor Your Profile: Your profile is your professional storefront. Keep it updated to mirror your progress and ensure alignment with your current professional aspirations. Be mindful of your profile picture, background image, and choice of words.

2. Value-Driven Content: Your posts should add value, stimulate thought, and contribute to your professional narrative. It’s perfectly acceptable – and sometimes even advisable – to share posts about your personal interests, as long as they’re viewed through a professional lens. Before posting, ask yourself, “Will this post add value to my connections and followers?”

3. The Web Never Forgets: Remember, everything you post becomes part of your digital footprint. Regularly Google your name to comprehend your online persona. This isn’t about constructing a flawless, artificial image, but rather ensuring your online presence accurately portrays your professional persona.

The art of balance on LinkedIn lies in blending the personal with the professional. A carefully calibrated mix of authenticity and professionalism can help you stand out and forge significant professional relationships.



Tomer Zuker

Marketing manager for global technology corporations, marketing mentor for early stage startups, public speaker for Marketing, Social selling, Partnership.